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아트스페이스오한달레지던시 공모 선정작가전


-참여작가: 수&제비 (Suhuu & ZEB)
-전시일시: 2019/4/1- 2019/4/30

-오프닝: “별도의 초대일시가 없습니다.”

- 후원/협찬/주최/기획  아트스페이스오

- 입장료/관람료 없음

- 관람가능시간 및 휴관일 오전11시~오후6시, 휴관일없음




History is a function of writing. Since the beginning of the historical consciousness of human beings, writing has been done on everything possible from animal bones to genomes. In the Korean language graffiti is translated as 낙서(落書, to doodle, scribble, write graffiti). 낙落(to fall; to drop) and 서書(book; codex); this word came from an involuntary “fall” of characters in a process of copying codices. This particular translation expands and deepens perceptions of what (and how) graffiti is. Etymologically, graffiti is to be discovered, not to be merely scribbled. It reveals itself deceptively on the surfaces of material life while it is written “up in the air”. 


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